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Volunteer Information

Parents are valuable partners at Monticello!  As partners all parents are expected to volunteer 50 hours per year to  their child's and the school's success.  There are many ways that volunteering can be done. Below is a list of ways that you can help make our school even better. Your help and talents are very much needed to enrich the school's learning environment and our student's life experiences. Please don't hesitate to talk with your child's teacher or the principal about how you can be a special benefit to Monticello's students.

All volunteers need to fill out a Volunteer Packet, available from the office. Once that is returned we will find the best niche possible for your talents and skills.  Those few who will be with students in an unsupervised environment will need to have a background check. Monticello will  provide volunteer training, which you will be asked to take part in. We have also prepared an easy to read 1 page document for classroom volunteers to help them be the best volunteers possible. Please take a few minutes to look over the Volunteer Do's and Don'ts

Good news!  It is easy to log your volunteer hours from home!  Just click on the Help Counter icon below and type in the user name (monticello), and the password (4mychild).  Once you are logged in, select your name from the list, or click on the link to add your name.  You may enter volunteer hours for the following activities:

  • Board Meeting Attendance
  • Board Ad Hoc Committee Service - committees listed below
  • Learn about Montessori Education
  • Read Aloud with Children at Home
  • Book Fair volunteer
  • Classroom Donations ($5 is equal to 30 minutes)
  • Classroom Volunteer
  • Extra-curricular Club Volunteer
  • New Family Volunteer
  • Field Day Assistant
  • Field Trip Chaperon
  • Library Volunteer
  • Outdoor Maintenance 
  • PFA Meeting or Activity
  • School Donations ($5 is equal to 30 minutes)
  • School Maintenance
  • Work-at-home Volunteer

If you would like serve on a board ad hoc committee, please fill out a volunteer application, available from the office, and indicate to the principal directly that you are interested by emailing Your help is definitely needed and we have a place for you!  

Monticello Montessori Volunteer Committees