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All bus stops have been approved for the school year 2018-2019.
There will be no changes made to the routes during the school year.
Please do not call Teton State Lines, call the school with any transportation
changes you need to make for your student!

Our bus transportation is provided by Teton Stage Lines. The buses pick up in the morning and take to bus stops in the afternoon, but do not run at mid-day for the Kindergarten students. Transportation is available to all students in grades K-8 at no charge who reside within 15 miles by road of the school, at any of our approved bus stops.

Students are expected to assist District Staff in ensuring that buses remain in good condition and that transportation is provided safely.  When riding school buses, students are held to behavioral standards established by school transportation.  Students who compromise the safety of others will lose the privilege of riding the bus.  

To Ride the Bus:  In order to be eligible to ride the school bus, the student's parent must enroll him on the bus roster with the School Transportation Coordinator.  Unauthorized students may not ride the bus. 

To Change Bus Plans: Students may only change transportation plans, ride a different bus, or use a different stop when the parent has made prior arrangements with the office. We are no longer accepting changes by phone, please communicate by a note to the office or email to: and cc: to

Such arrangements are to be received in the office no later than 2:45 Mon - Thurs to ensure the communication to the student, the teacher, and the bus driver will be made.

Please Note: Students not picked up at the bus stop on time will be returned to school.  Parents will be charged $65 for the return trip.  The bus cannot remain at the bus stop for longer than two minutes.  The driver will wait for up to four minutes at the final route stop before returning your child to the school.  A student who has been returned to the school will not be granted the privilege of riding the bus again until any busing debt have been satisfied.

***Please keep in mind the stop times are approximate.  Please arrive at you Bus Stop at least 5 minutes early and be patient; the drivers may arrive a few minutes early or late depending on road conditions, and weather.***

Parent Authorization to Walk to/from the BusIf you would like your students to be able to walk home from the bus stop, or be permitted to get off the bus without a parent or guardian present, you will need to fill out and return this form to the school.  Please contact the school if you have any questions. Students K-3 will not be permitted to walk unless accompanied by an older sibling.  A new form will need to be filled out and submitted at the beginning of each school year.

Pick Up-Drop Off at School-  Please use the carpool lane.  Office check out is for students leaving early.
To pick up your student at dismissal, please use the carpool lane, please remain in your vehicle.  Office pick up is for those students who must be signed out before school is dismissed for the day, you should park in the parking lot if you are coming into the school to check out your child.  If families will follow the guidelines below, student pick up can be completed within about 10 minutes of dismissal.

First, each family should make/print a name sign that is to be put in your vehicle where it is easily visible to school staff.
Second, individuals picking up students at dismissal should use the carpool lane and remain in their vehicles.  If you need to come into the school for business purposes, please park your car in the parking lot and then come into the office.  Do not park your vehicle in the bus loop. 
Third, students will remain in their classrooms and will be called individually to their ride.  When the carpool attendant sees your vehicle and the family name, s/he will notify the classroom to send out your student.  Your student will then be delivered to your vehicle.  
Please contact the office for a list of families interested in carpooling.