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Parent Internet Safety Awareness

posted Jan 26, 2017, 5:40 PM by Monticello Montessori
Dear Parents, 
At this time of year we learn about staying safe while using the internet.  Your child's classroom will be discussing internet safety and will talk about safe ways to use the internet and unsafe practices to avoid.  As part of that learning, we would also like parents to be informed.  Below is a link to a quiz about parent internet safety.  We invite you to take the quiz and then consider if there is anything you can do to reduce risks to internet safety in your home.  At Monticello we do have internet content controls in place, our students and parents sign an electronic equipment use agreement, and our access is compliant with Child Internet Protection Act requirements for schools and libraries.  Please do take a few minutes to talk about staying safe with your child while using the internet. We hope that this is helpful to you and your family.

This page has internet safety tips for parents:

Here is the parent internet safety quiz link.  You can copy and paste the address into a new browser page if it is not clickable for you: 

Kind Regards,
Ms. Kemery