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Click Here to view a short video about the Montessori Method. It is produced by the American Montessori Society (AMS). You will see immediately how different the Montessori approach is if you aren't already familiar with it!

The Montessori Method focuses on the WHOLE development of the child.  Students are encouraged to discover their unique talents and mission in life. The following link will take you to a video of a talk by Ken Robinson on the general lack of creativity in public schools today.

Each of the video sites listed below include Montessori lesson presentations:

1. Montessori World Video Course
Montessori World has 23 presentations
given by a Teacher who worked directly
with Maria Montessori.  Click on the links
at the top of the page to view the presentations.

2. The Center For Guided Montessori Studies

3. Montessori Primary Guide

4. Tami Elliott - has several video presentations. Click on the link and look to the right under "more videos" to see others.