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About Our School

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Monticello Montessori's Mission Statement:
Through a Montessori-inspired approach to learning, students will maximize their inner potentials and experience purpose and meaning in life, take responsibility for their own education, cultivate personal dignity and develop independence and purpose in life.”

Monticello Montessori's Vision Statement:
Monticello Montessori students will become critical thinkers and intrinsically motivated learners.

Monticello Montessori, a public charter school in Bonneville County, welcomes all students in Bonneville County and the surrounding area to apply. The school provides a high-quality Montessori education, tuition-free to children ages 5 through 12 (grades Kindergarten through 6th). The Idaho Public Charter School Commission approved the Monticello charter July 22, 2009.

The Board of Trustees for Monticello Montessori, in partnership with Dome Technology, constructed a state-of-the-art building which is located in Ammon at 4707 S. Sweetwater Way. Monticello Montessori serves students residing in District No. 93, as well as all students from Bonneville County and the surrounding area. 

The Montessori method is a unique approach to learning that fosters creativity, high engagement, independence, and responsibility in learning.  Montessori learning methods meet the needs of all students, including the gifted and talented and those with special needs.  Montessori's unique multi-sensory approach to learning and Monticello's unique, supportive, and inclusive learning environment provide truly individualized education for its students. 

See About Montessori for more information on the Montessori Method.  You can also view our school report card by clicking on this link.

The school was envisioned by David Meyer, a teacher in Bonneville Joint School District No. 93, father of twin sons with special needs. Their progress at a private Montessori school encouraged David to envision a charter school where many more children could benefit from the Montessori approach without high tuition costs. Monticello offers tuition-free Montessori education  to residents of Bonneville, Bingham and Jefferson Counties.

Serving on the Board of Directors for the school are Mike O'Bleness, Chair; Ken Glodo, Vice Chair; Janece Moore, Secretary Dan Thurman, Member, Anthony Kinikin, Member and Wendy Horman, Ex-officio Member.

Monticello's unique, energy-efficient building, designed by C-Shell Architecture and engineered by ES2, provides abundant natural light and ventilation in spacious classrooms. The following photos were taken at various stages of the building's completion. You can see a video slide show of the construction process on the Dome Tech facebook page by clicking here.


We are a Title I School  (See "About Our School"/Federal Programs & Advocates.)